Angela Butler and Melanie Gauer Photography

Angela Butler is a 4th year photography student at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Angela was only 17 when she was diagnosed with cancer, with this unfortunate occurrence Angela found that photography was a way for her to express herself through the struggles of treatment. This became a therapeutic process for her during the hardships she faced. Angela posted her photo documented works on Flickr where she gained quite a following. She inspired people all around the world with her series. Angela has won numerous awards throughout her educational career. In her second year at ACAD she placed second in Calgary's Annual Exposure Festival as “Calgary's Emerging Photographer”. Shortly after this she received ACAD's student Travel Scholarship where she traveled to Chicago for the summer of 2012 to intern at Phlearn. Phlearn is a site that teaches professional photographers the tips of the Photoshop trade. Angela has since maintained a position with Phlearn as their “Content Contributor”. Her responsibilities include gathering images for the weekly inspiration feature by interviewing internationally recognized photographers weekly. In Angela's 4th year at school she hopes to create more than just a “pretty picture”, but rather to create an image that speaks volumes to many different types of people through conceptual portraiture.

Melanie Gauer is a 4th year student at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Originally from Toronto, Ontario she found her passion for photography when she moved out west to Calgary. Melanie's work focuses on North American youth culture. She is interested in various social circles and relationships within those groups. In September 2013, Melanie and fellow artist Brittany Nickerson held a show at the Marion Nicoll Gallery. Together in their collaboration they created work that visually translated their personal struggles and concepts with identity, relationships and youth. Melanie has also been published in "GO HOME" magazine a quarterly run Toronto based zine. She has also collaborated in the book "NUDE" by Kelsey Hughes that won the Applied Arts award in May 2013. The book researched in depth about nudism in North America. Melanie is currently finishing up her final year ACAD. She is hoping to begin travelling after her undergrad to develop her body of work and experience all things that the world has to offer.